February 2012

Spotlight – In international business, almost every market around the world does things in a different way. This often leads to misunderstandings and unfulfilled expectations. However, different does not need to mean difficult and knowledge of the needs and characteristics of specific geographic markets is an advantage to those who are active in the global economy. These articles help you understand different aspects of the insurance industry around the world, enabling those who do business there to feel more “at home, abroad.”

Earlier this month we had the opportunity to attend a lecture held by the Insurance Institute of London (www.iilondon.co.uk) on the subject of Piracy. This riveting speech was delivered by Captain Mukundan of the ICC International Maritime Bureau (www.icc-ccs.org) and reviewed the question: Status of Piracy – are we winning? We are fortunate to have been given this presentation to circulate amongst our readers so you can see the work of the Piracy Reporting Centre. Not only is this presentation clearly set out, but there is more information at the sub-section of the IMB website at www.icc-ccs.org/piracy-reporting-centre which we encourage you to look at. We are grateful to Captain Mukundan for sending us his presentation and any questions should be directed to him at pmukundan@iss-ccs.org. Click here for the presentation.