September 2014

Spotlight – In international business, almost every market around the world does things in a different way. This often leads to misunderstandings and unfulfilled expectations. However, different does not need to mean difficult and knowledge of the needs and characteristics of specific geographic markets is an advantage to those who are active in the global economy. These articles help you understand different aspects of the insurance industry around the world, enabling those who do business there to feel more “at home, abroad.”

“Like death and taxation, data breaches and IT network integrity problems have become a fact of life. Hardly a week goes by without some organisation or another admitting an embarrassing data breach to its customers and implementing costly and time consuming remediation.” These are the words of Steve White, chief executive of BIBA, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association ( in introducing the “Broker’s Guide to Cyber Risks.”

While this guide has been prepared for brokers in Britain, we feel that the well-written explanations would be useful and informative for our readers in six continents. There are two documents, one on Data Protection which can be accessed at

and one on Business Interruption which can be accessed at

We are grateful to BIBA for permission to publish these two documents and any questions or comments should be addressed to the charming Head of Communications, Leighann Forsyth at